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Placing exceptional creative talent at the heart of our nation and world

“The potential of future generations is highly valued in Wales and the arts are a recognised positive force here, vital to well-being and impacting powerfully on individual lives, communities and economies. Working with a constant flow of young artists from all over the world, the Royal Welsh College is uniquely positioned to contribute significantly to Wales’ global reputation as a creative nation, while making sure that the benefits we offer also reach widely and deeply across the whole country.”

Professor Helena Gaunt, Principal


Ten years ago, capital investment helped to bring about a complete transformation of the College. Generous support enabled us to create our beautiful arts centre with world-class facilities and to develop our training and engage with a wider public.

Now, as we look back to celebrate that special anniversary our gaze is most firmly fixed on what lies ahead. Believing passionately in our international artistic community as inspiring change-makers and certain that creativity in all its forms will be one of the most powerful influences on the health of the world post-pandemic, we are building the future of the national conservatoire with new points of focus, new activity and a new fundraising campaign – Promise.


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