Our Promise for the Future

We recognise the global climate emergency and join the many organisations around the world calling for urgent action to tackle climate change.

We have pledged to be 100% carbon neutral by 2040 – sooner if we can

We are working with the Carbon Trust to advise on the next steps and to help us reach that goal. In 2022 we will also share a comprehensive carbon roadmap for the College to explain the action we are taking.

Using the baseline of our carbon footprint, our roadmap will outline clear, feasible and cost-effective actions across estate, governance, teaching, performance, engagement and commercial activities for maximum impact. It will be supported by policy, aiming to achieve our strategic targets over the next ten years.

We have also joined forces with the Race to Zero, underlining our commitment to a healthy and resilient zero carbon recovery.

Our promise is to build a sustainable, carbon neutral College for future generations

“Our mission, as the National Conservatoire of Wales, is to inspire and change lives, connect, and transform communities through the arts. It is therefore essential that we strive to be a sustainable and flourishing organisation, and we are determined to reduce our environmental footprint and commit to protect future generations. Our promise is a pledge to take concerted action over time to support the global cause for a better, greener future for our planet and for us all.”
Professor Helena Gaunt, Principal