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Awaken your musical creativity and curiosity to become a versatile guitarist with a powerful artistic identity and the skills to thrive in today’s professional world.

Captions for this video are available in English and Welsh.

Why study guitar at RWCMD?

  • Our personalised approach offers you a wide variety of opportunities to perform both in the College and external public venues, as well as take part in collaborative chamber music and work with younger guitarists in the local community, encouraging you to develop your own individual and strong artistic voice.
  • You’ll train with eminent musicians with decades of professional experience, including Head of department, Helen Sanderson, and our current guest tutors, Zoran Dukić and John Mills.
  • Your intensive solo studies will be enhanced by individual lessons and masterclasses from prestigious visiting artists. Recent visitors have included David Russell, Gabriel Bianco, Margarita Escarpa, Xuefei Yang, Pavel Steidl, Mela Guitar Quartet, Zoran Dukic, Pavel Ralev, Jonathan Parkin, Andrey Lebedev and Jorgen Skogmo.
  • Chamber music is very much at the heart of what we do and you’ll work collaboratively with other guitarists and musicians in small groups, as well as larger chamber setting with weekly coaching and rehearsals. You’ll also perform with the whole department in our guitar ensemble which has an active, public concert schedule.
  • A unique aspect of our programmes are the significant and varied opportunities for project-based collaboration across College. The guitar department nurtures creativity beyond your solo studies, developing work with other departments, for example performing with puppetry and with composers. This gives you insight into the inner workings of other artistic disciplines and being a part of RWCMD’s active public programme of opera, orchestral concerts, musical theatre and award-winning drama.
  • Your guitar-focused musicianship classes will develop your arranging skills and give you opportunities to explore performance styles from the 16th century onwards, including figured bass, lute tablature and contemporary extended guitar techniques.

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