Junior Conservatoire: How to Apply

Junior Conservatoire: How to Apply

We are pleased to announce that applications for entry to the Junior Conservatoire in September 2022 are open and free of charge until further notice *.

RWCMD is a space for everyone. We welcome applications from students of all backgrounds and/or disabilities. Our team would be delighted to answer any questions you may have about our courses or the application process and to discuss any additional requirements you may have.

Applications are made online and by recorded audition as follows:

  • Applicants for all courses should apply online.
  • Mini Music is an open-access course for beginners, with no audition requirement.
  • Those applying for the Advanced Course, Music First, and Community Lessons should submit a video recording for review, following the audition guidelines available here.

As a guide, younger applicants for the Advanced Course (e.g., those in Year 7 and below) are asked to demonstrate playing experience of approximately Grade 5 level. A higher level is asked of older students. Less experience may be required on instruments that are often begun at an older age, e.g., oboe, bassoon, horn, trombone, tuba, viola, and double bass. Singers should be aged 11 or above.

Applicants for the Peterson Cadets Bursary Scheme will have reached a playing level of approximately Grade 5 by KS3.

Music First applicants are asked to demonstrate playing experience of approximately Grade 1 level or above.

Players and singers of all levels are welcome to apply for Community Lessons.

To submit your audition, please complete and send the form above, then email your audition video link to junior.conservatoire@rwcmd.ac.uk. Please mark your email ’Strictly Private and Confidential’.


* Applications received in September may not be fully processed until the October half term. Some elements of the course may therefore be unavailable until the following academic year (e.g., chamber music). Please contact us when making your application to check.