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RWCMD in the community

Always working collaboratively, we share our ideas, skills and knowledge to create opportunities. We are committed to a future which will see our students emerge powerfully as makers in society.

Woolcott residencies

Through a series of music residencies, our students and recent graduates work alongside experienced professionals from partner businesses, arts venues and schools to gain hands-on skills and experience performing for the public. 

This is part of a longer term plan to focus community activity as a major part of the student learning experience, aimed at a holistic training approach for future graduates. As part of this ethos, RWCMD will create 40 music residencies across communities in Wales by 2025.

This programme has been made possible by the generous support of the Anthony G Woolcott Charitable Trust.

Norwegian Church in Cardiff Bay

This popular arts venue is offering in-kind rehearsal space for the Bute Quintet. Professional mentoring from staff and commercial performance opportunities for the quintet include introductions to other arts and commercial organisations, and inclusion in the venue’s artist hire scheme.

Norwegian Church

Pedal Power culture café in Cardiff’s Bute Park

Our students have established a Friday culture café, featuring weekly performances from our guitar department, led by Head of Guitar Performance Helen Sanderson.

Penarth Pavilion

Recent RWCMD graduates are collaborating with Penarth Pavilion, Penarth Festival and local schools to offer a growing programme of innovative public engagement for the local community.

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