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Learning and assessment for study abroad students

As a study abroad student, you'll be part of our community, learning alongside our undergraduate and postgraduate students in an exciting capital city. 

Our term dates

Each academic year runs from September to July and is split into three terms: autumn (12 weeks), spring (12 weeks) and summer (10 weeks). 

We publish timetables at the beginning of each term.

Contact hours

Programmes are designed and delivered in ways that best suit the subject and the skills that you will achieve. Subjects with an emphasis on developing practical skills tend to involve higher amounts of contact time.

You should be prepared to be actively engaged for around 40 hours each week. Core teaching hours are Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm and contact hours within this will vary from discipline to discipline. 

But, in keeping with studying at a conservatoire, you should expect to complement contact hours with additional hours for:

  • rehearsal and practice sessions
  • planning
  • producing for productions
  • attendance and participation at events
  • self-directed study for essays, presentations, wider reading and course-supported learning

Gaining credits on your modules

If you successfully complete our study abroad programme, you will be given a transcript (record of achievement), which is evidence of the mark gained on each credit bearing module, and the total marks achieved across the programme.

Credit equivalency is agreed with your institution before you start. Please note we are not able to award students completing study abroad programmes actual credit. 

We provide a statement of credit equivalency and grades achieved – your institution is then responsible for awarding the actual credit.

We would be happy to discuss this with your home institution if they need clarification and confirmation.

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