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Student Services

Student Services is a welcoming and specialist team, providing support and advice, working in partnership with our students to empower them to meet their potential while studying at RWCMD.

There’s always someone available to talk to in the office during working hours, so drop by and say hello!

A calming environment

Creativity and mental health go hand in hand. At RWCMD we believe that students’ mental health and wellbeing is one of the most important aspects of the College.

Support for students

'Studies have shown that mental health difficulties can be higher among those who work creatively for a living. Sometimes striving for perfection, as performers often do, means that mental health can take more of a knock when these high expectations aren’t achieved.

We pride ourselves on offering an exceptionally high level of individual attention and support, both academic and pastoral.’
Kate WilliamsStudent support manager

How can Student Services help you?

Moving away from home to university and settling into life as an independent adult can be a challenging time for everyone, and some students need more help than others. Our Student Services team co-ordinate a range of specialist services to support the physical, mental and spiritual health of all our students at RWCMD.

They work with all learners to ensure that if any wobbles occur they can access appointments with the team to help them through any difficulties they might have.

A highly specialised team of disability practitioners work together across neurodiversity, mental health and disability, sharing best practice to ensure to remove any barriers to study.

In-house wellbeing support, and Disabled Students’ Allowances Specialist Mentoring and Specialist Study Support for those with diagnosed long-term conditions. In addition to this, College has its own counselling service. Find out more information about DSA.

If it’s something that Student Services aren't able to support directly, the team have connections and links to charities, organisations, and NHS service who can take it forward.

Our wellbeing partner - Music Teacher magazine

RWCMD is one of Music Teacher magazine's wellbeing partners. Over the last year we've contributed three articles to their monthly mental health and wellbeing column, sharing ideas, experiences and best practice.