Professional Skills and Employability

Students performing in primrary school

In addition to the performance-based training, there are opportunities for music students to take part in projects and develop a range of related skills including teaching, outreach work, workshop leadership, composing and arranging, concert management and aspects of arts management, with a view to widening and enhancing their career opportunities.

Teaching forms an important part of the working lives of most professional musicians, and the demand for inspirational teachers remains as strong as ever despite a changing education environment. For undergraduates, the training combines a grounding in key principles and approaches with specific training relating to each student’s area of specialism. Postgraduates gain practical experience as teachers while considering a range of current issues and theories in music education.

In the field of outreach, students work together to design and deliver projects targeting specific school or community groups. Many students are also involved with Live Music Now! – a national scheme that provides opportunities for young professional musicians to perform to diverse audiences from children with special educational needs to older people.

The College also runs a series of presentations and discussions with leading arts professionals. These cover various themes ranging from CV writing to website design, audition and interview techniques, setting up a small business in the arts, making applications for commissions and grants, and sustaining a freelance career.