Postgraduate Studies

Student conductor, Tianyi Li

Some people decide to embark on performance-based training after studying in another field. Even among those who have experienced conservatoire training as undergraduates, an extra year or two of postgraduate study is a popular option in preparation for what could be a lifelong career. RWCMD provides postgraduate programmes in all areas of music performance, jazz and composition as well as offering postgraduate students the opportunity to specialise in orchestral performance, opera performance, accompaniment or repetiteurship. For students who want to develop their careers as conductors, there are specialist programmes in orchestral, choral and brass band conducting.

Originally from New Zealand, Tianyi Li studied in Melbourne, Australia before coming to the UK to further her training as a conductor on RWCMD’s two-year orchestral conducting programme.

“I knew I wanted to come to the UK to continue my learning but I didn’t want to live in a city like London – I wanted somewhere I could think and have time to develop my skills. Cardiff is a great city to live in – it’s not too expensive or too busy but there’s still a lot going on. While I’ve been here, I’ve also been able to get to masterclasses in Berlin and St Petersburg, and I often go to watch rehearsals and things in London, which is only two hours by train.

I have a fantastic and very supportive teacher and the opportunity to work with the musicians here is a real joy. There are such talented people from all over the world. I’m getting involved in lots of different things from brass ensembles to baroque groups. People here are very enthusiastic and keen to get involved. I’m really happy at RWCMD – it’s the perfect base for me to explore and grow as a musician.”