The Complete Musician

Harriet Grainger, BMus Student

An important part of the process of maturing as a musician involves developing a deeper understanding of how music works, how it is put together, and how a composer might have conceived their work. The core training for all musicians covers these key areas of general musicianship including aural, music theory, harmony and analysis. In addition, there are range of academic and contextual study options including specialist tuition in composition, arrangement, writing and research.

The development and maintenance of healthy practice is of huge importance to students who are preparing for careers involving music performance. The courses include introductory classes and ongoing support in this area, and regular performance classes provide further opportunities for students to focus on issues of performance health and well-being, and to explore aspects of the psychology of performance.

Performance classes also cover issues of stylistic performance, and there are specialist study options in this area, which extend into the consideration of contemporary repertoire as well as more conventional studies of music from the past.