Mini Music

Mini Music

Mini Music at RWCMD provides fun, interactive classes for children aged 4 to 8 years, within a creative learning environment that supports and nurtures their very first steps in music.

Aimed at stimulating a natural curiosity and enjoyment of music, Mini Music promotes the development of children’s intellectual, perceptual, cognitive, team-building and social skills through classes that:

  • Draw upon Dalcroze and Kodaly methods to develop interest and enjoyment of music through movement and singing.
  • Provide a grounding in key musical skills through active games and imaginative play.

This holistic approach aims to develop creativity and self-expression and establish an understanding of rhythm, pitch, and musical expression.

Children also learn to play simple musical instruments together, with termly opportunities to perform in a safe, supportive environment to family and friends, often in one of the College’s beautiful performance venues.

Many children will start learning an orchestral instrument through Mini Music and demonstrations of the violin, viola, cello, pBone and recorder will be given as part of the course.

Mini Music classes run for one hour on Saturdays, usually in the morning or early afternoon and is open to all children with no audition requirement.

The cost is £120 per term from September 2022 (10 weeks). A package of instrumental lessons can be arranged in conjunction with Mini Music courses at an additional cost.


How to Apply

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