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Rorie Brophy

Job Role: Lecturer in Production & Design (Technical Arts)

Department: Design

Honours: Rorie studied Ceramic Design in Donegal, Ireland. PGCE in Education, Limerick, Ireland


Rorie’s career began as a ceramic artist and sculptor, before going on to work as a prop-maker for film and television productions. With a keen interest in history, he has also worked on, and appeared in, several History Channel documentaries as a reconstruction expert.

He also works with museums, the National Trust and local authorities to produce accurate replicas of historical artifacts.

Some of his outdoor sculptures are on public display in Wales and Ireland.


Rorie currently combines freelance work as a prop-maker and sculptor with his teaching work. His particular skills lie in life-casting, mould-making and prosthetics (the bloodier the better!). His time at the College is devoted to teaching prop-making and the dark arts of laser cutters, 3D printing, latex, plaster and polystyrene.

Rorie’s work shows a mastery of traditional sculpting and making techniques, but also an interest in adapting new digital and CNC technology to complement and enhance the prop making process.

His work and teaching also seeks to make environmental sustainability a core consideration in the design and making of props.

Notable Achievements

In 2021 Rorie completed a large piece of outdoor sculpture that was installed in a forest park in Caerphilly. Called ‘Bran's treasure’ it is made from concrete and glass.

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