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Music First

Music First at RWCMD is ‘Step 2’ in the curriculum. Supporting children who are between Grades 1 and 5 on their instrument, our lessons and classes are delivered within a lively learning environment that is dedicated to the performing arts.

Music First classes are active and fun. We focus on singing and physical musicianship through ‘Kids Choir’ and playing together through ‘Creative Ensemble,’ with termly opportunities to share work with family and friends. A full range of orchestral instruments, plus piano, harp and guitar, is available to learn in Music First. 

A child’s principal study is a core part of their course and while most learners will choose to have individual lessons, other than for pianists or harpists, shared lessons may also be available. Children receive an informal assessment each year when they perform two pieces and some scales and arpeggios to the Head of Department, receiving feedback and encouragement on their progress.

Our supportive approach

Our supportive approach seeks to capture children’s natural love and curiosity for music and develop free expression and teamwork through group activities that are a lot of fun. We build up learners’ sense of core musical elements such as rhythm, melody, pitch, tempo, etc. as well as their self-belief, reinforcing firm musical foundations and taking learners to the next level in their own unique musical journey.   

Music First is most suited to children between the ages of 7 and 11 who are ready for 30-minute instrument lessons and for working in groups of up to 50 children in ‘Kids Choir’. Classes run on Saturday mornings and early afternoons. Entry is either  

  • by application, which must include submission of a recording of learner’s playing, or 
  • the recommendation of your child’s Mini Music tutors.   

Most children join Music First in September, at the start of the academic year. Some learners may also start in January or April, subject to the availability of tuition.  

How much does it cost?

Music First costs £450 per ten-week term from September 2023 to July 2024. Optional activities include

  • a taught ABRSM theory class (£60 per term)
  • an additional study (£295 per term)

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