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Mini Music

Mini Music at RWCMD is ‘Step 1’ in the curriculum. Supporting children’s very first steps in music, our classes are delivered within a lively learning environment that is dedicated to the performing arts.

Mini Music classes are active and fun. We focus on singing through ‘Mini Voices’ and movement through ‘Mini Movers’. In ‘Sounds, Symbols and Storytelling’, children discover musical instruments together, starting with simple percussion instruments, with termly opportunities to share work with family and friends. Many children will also start learning an orchestral instrument through Mini Music and demonstrations of the violin, viola, cello, pBone and recorder are be given as part of the course. Children will start to connect sounds with symbols using props such as colourful ropes and bean bags in preparation for some basic musical notation. Uniquely, we use the imaginative paper sculptures and puppetry projects produced by the college’s talented ‘design for performance’ undergraduates as a stimulus for our ‘Storytelling’ activities, in which creativity comes to the fore and children have fun creating and sharing their own narratives and soundscapes.

Our supportive approach seeks to capture children’s natural curiosity in music and develop free expression and teamwork through play-based activities. At the same time, we build up their sense of core musical elements such as rhythm, melody, pitch, tempo, etc., setting them upon their unique musical journeys with firm foundations.

Mini Music is most suited to children of reception age through to year 4 who are ready to work within groups of up to 30 children. Classes run for one hour on Saturdays and are open to all children of reception age through to year 4, with no audition requirement. Parents/carers may be encouraged to participate in class from time to time too.


The cost from September 2023 to July 2024 is £120 per ten-week term. A package of instrumental lessons can be arranged in conjunction with Mini Music courses at an additional cost.

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