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Tim Richards

Job Role: Senior Lecturer in Singing (Musical Theatre), Vocal Tutor

Department: Musical Theatre

Honours: LRWCMD, ARWCMD, PGCE, EMT, EMCI (Estill Mentor & Course Instructor)

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Tim is one of the top singing teachers working in the United Kingdom, Europe and worldwide. The experience, expertise and passion he brings to all his work makes him one of the most sought-after teachers to work with.

He studied classically and sang professionally in the classical repertoire before moving into Musical Theatre and singing in The West End before he started teaching Musical Theatre and classically at top institutions. Tim links traditional pedagogy with modern physiological and acoustical training and is able to pinpoint what each singer needs to develop their skills and connection to their communication, whether they are students in training or experienced professionals. He works across Musical Theatre and Classical genres and is at the forefront of the modern training of a singer.

He is also one of an elite group of singing teachers qualified at Estill Mentor & Course Instructor currently in the United Kingdom. He was the first qualified person in Wales and remains the only person to hold the EMCI qualification from Wales in the world-renowned vocal training model developed by Jo Estill. He is uniquely a singing teacher working across Musical Theatre and Classical programmes at conservatoire level.


Tim has an elite level of expertise in working with singers on the stage. Whether they are Opera singers or Musical Theatre singers, he understands how to link muscular movement with acoustic outcome. What makes him truly unique is he can also make the link to the narrative moment within the genre. This link from craft to artistry allows him to work with accuracy and speed to help singers achieve their vocal narrative goals. He is able to help them train the muscles, so they don’t let the imagination down. In the Opera world, Tim has worked with singers from major opera houses across Europe. In both the Opera and Musical Theatre world Tim has coached many shows and roles working with elite performers. He works with major Sony International recording artists, as well as shows such as X Factor, Britain’s Got Talent, Australian X Factor, The Today Show New York and the BBC’s search for Nancy.

Tim works as a trainer and consultant to teachers in Mountview Theatre school, The Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama, The Royal Academy of Music, The Sibelius Academy, Helsinki, Italia Conti, Arts Educational School, The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama as well as many University course across Europe and worldwide.

Notable Achievements

He is the only Estill Mentor and Course Instructor (EMCI) in Wales and the only EMCI working in both the Classical and Musical Theatre fields at conservatoire level.

He is one of the only singing teachers at conservatoire level in the United Kingdom who can work across the Musical Theatre and Classical departments. This is because he initially trained classically before moving into Musical Theatre. What this has given him is the context and application understanding that goes with linking traditional pedagogy with the more modern physiological and acoustical training.

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