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Benjamin Talbott

Job Role: Tutor in Composition with Creative Music Technology

Department: Composition and Creative Music Technology

Honours: BMus


Benjie is primarily a composer and producer of music for film and TV, though his roots lie in music for theatre and membership of various bands. His current work involves writing for film, TV and theatre productions, though he is also a specialist in EDM sample pack creation. Outside of current commercial ventures he is also an accomplished instrumentalist, novelist, singer, dancer, amateur board games creator and enthusiastic gardener.


Through his music production work, Benjie has become a specialist in the creation of dynamic soundscapes that are fully orchestral and choral created with virtual instruments, fooling the ear into thinking that a real orchestra recording has been made. A specialism mastered alongside this is the integration of virtual and real instruments together to create individual sound worlds that rely on detailed manipulation of materials, utilising sophisticated recording and mixing techniques as well as attention to securing the right source material, including found sounds and pure synthesis.

Notable Achievements

Notable works and collaborations include films: Amber (2017), Steel Country (2017), Galesa (2015) [winner 2017 BAFTA Cymru Best Original Music Score], Mom & Me (2015); TV projects: Craith (2017), Hinterland Y Gwyll (2013-17), Andrew Marr’s Great Scots (2014); theatre: Coriolan/us (2012); and modern dance: Shadow of a Quiet Society (2015).

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