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Ethics checklist

You can use this checklist to consider all aspects of your ethical practice. It's worth noting that this list is not exhaustive, and each research project will have its own questions.  

Summary of the project

What is the purpose of the project? Is it evident that the participation of others is required for the outcome to be successful?


How will you select your participants? Are the methods fair and inclusive? Are the methods appropriate?

Have you informed the participants of all aspects of the project, and have you obtained their consent?

Have you considered the risks to participants in the project? What will you do to mitigate these risks?

Are participants able to withdraw from the project? What is the process for withdrawal?

Have you considered the vulnerability of the participants? How will you address this in the project?

Are the dignity, rights, safety and well-being of participants considered?

Will the project leader (you) be safe? Is there a procedure in place for risks to the project leader?

Have you considered the impact of the project on any intended audience? What steps will be taken to mitigate any risks?


If necessary, what measures have been taken to ensure anonymity, confidentiality, and security of personal information concerning research participants?

How long will data be held? Do you intend to use the data from the project, or present the project, in the future?

Supporting documentation

Are relevant supporting documents included (project outline/timeline, consent forms, interview questions, questionnaires, etc)?

Are the materials appropriate for the intended audience (for example, children)?

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