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Gavin Crooks

Job Role: Piano Technician

Department: Piano


Gavin is the college's head piano technician, responsible for the tuning and maintenance of the fleet of Steinway pianos, as well as the regular tuning of the fortepianos. The college is an All-Steinway school, and Gavin has been approved by Steinway to ensure the college receives the best possible care for their instruments.

Gavin also taught piano tuning and restoration for a short while at the Newark course, and following on from this experience has been giving introductory classes in the subject once a year at the RWCMD to piano students, to help the students better understand their chosen instrument

Gavin trained initially in piano tuning at the 3-year Newark course of Musical Instrument Technology, and spent a further ten years working as a piano tuner, restorer and rebuilder in Nottinghamshire, before moving to Cardiff.

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