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‘On the Move:’ Taking Brass out on the road

The College’s Brass department hit the road for the first time last term with On the Move, helping young people from all backgrounds across South Wales to access the performing arts.
'The On the Move workshops provide young people with an opportunity to engage with the arts, to develop personal confidence through participating in live music, and to help nurture a spirit of community and self-identity.

They also give teachers much-needed support and resource in delivering the music curriculum.'
Roger Argente

Funded by Hern & Crabtree and Arts & Business Cymru, there have already been over 22 performances so far in eighteen different schools where our students have played to over 3,250 children, with many more visits planned over the next academic year.

Brass quintet Flora Brass have been leading the project this term.

';On The Move is very important to us as a quintet because it gives us the opportunity to go out and perform to people.

Seeing the children enjoy it really makes it worthwhile.

The performances have also helped immensely with our confidence for public speaking as an ensemble. We have learnt how to help engage with the children in a fun and informative way.'
Bethany Peck
'We hope to extend On the Move across the rest of Wales, and for the project to become an integral part of the College’s activities over the coming years.'
Roger Argente

For the latest news, follow #RWCMDOnTheMove.

On The Move is supported by Hern & Crabtree and Arts & Business Cymru.

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