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Tickets: £5-£12


Weds 26 June 10am & 1.15pm & Thurs 27 June 10am & 1.15pm (Schools)
Sat 29 June 11am & 2.30pm & Sun 30 June 11am & 2.30pm (Public Performances)

A glitch in a video game spawns a whole new world for Cerys! Bugs in her fridge, tadpoles in the bath and a froglet feeding frenzy!

You're invited to a birthday party you'll never forget with a host of amazing animal puppets, designed and made by the theatre designers of RWCMD.

Visual and musical story telling made for 4- 9 years but suitable for all!

A brief Q&A and a chance to meet the puppets is included as part of the performance.

Conceived by Lucy Hall
Devised by Elliot Ditton and Lucy Hall with RWCMD students

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