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Junior Conservatoire (part day)

Junior Conservatoire (part day) at RWCMD is ‘Step 3’ in the Young Musicians curriculum

It is most suitable for 8- to 15-year-olds whose entry level is as follows

  • approximately Grade 5 or equivalent for singers*, wind and brass players and percussionists
  • Grades 5 and 6 or equivalent for strings and piano players

*voice lessons are available for learners aged 11 and above

Junior Conservatoire (part day: Step 3) lessons and classes are purposeful, stimulating, and enjoyable and designed to support your personal musical aims. Our supportive approach seeks to build your confidence and self-belief and set you upon a more advanced level in your unique musical journeys. Our lessons and classes are delivered within a lively learning environment that is dedicated to the performing arts. Crucially, you will have opportunities to work with other young people with similar aims to your own.

What will I learn?

Further details and fees

Junior Conservatoire (part day: Step 3) lessons and classes run on Saturdays.

Entry is by application, which must include submission of a recording of the learner’s playing or singing.

Most learners join the Junior Conservatoire (part day: Step 3) in September, at the start of the academic year. Some learners may also start in January or April, subject to the availability of tuition.

The Junior Conservatoire (part day: Step 3) costs £728 per ten-week term from September 2023 to July 2024. Optional activities include

  • a taught ABRSM theory class (£60 per term, 30 minutes per week)
  • an additional study (£295 per term, 30 minutes per week)
  • extending your principal study (£147.50 per term for an additional 15 mins per week)

Financial support

We are committed to giving as many young people as possible the opportunity to benefit from the specialist training delivered by RWCMD, regardless of background or financial means.

The bursary application cycle ends in the July preceding September entry. Families interested in applying for a bursary after July for the upcoming academic year are advised to contact us to check if any remaining funding may be available.

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