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MA Arts Management: Exploring the Creative Producing pathway

Ahead of his musical project collaborating with other students across the College, we spoke to MA Arts Management student Joshua Marchant about his journey from directing theatre in Texas to studying the Creative Producing pathway at RWCMD.

Why study the Creative Producing pathway?

Led by arts management professional Karen Pimbley, the MA Arts Management Creative Producing pathway is aimed at those who aspire to be producers or want to refine their craft. With its vocational training and placements it allows students to delve into the world of professional producing, with the emphasis on independent thinking and proactive engagement, empowering students to take charge of their futures in the arts industry.

From director to producer…

Josh takes up his story:

After working on my dream job as a director for a children’s theatre arts programme at a high school in Houston for over a decade, I wanted to stretch myself and become a producer.

I fell in love with the College after experiencing the bustling sound of the students, working, singing and collaborating. I wanted to be a part of that buzz - everyone was so friendly and welcoming, I instantly felt comfortable.

The Arts Management course impressed me with its 100% employment record since 2013 (students continuing to secure related jobs within three months of graduating) and its focus on vocational training.

The Creative Producing pathway was the right fit for me, with the College's partnerships and industry connections, its Creative Producing graduates, opportunities to produce my own projects, and exposure to a range of opportunities in theatre and arts.

‘I always believed you needed significant financial backing to become a producer and had no idea where to begin on my own. This course gives me the knowledge and experience needed to navigate the producing pathway that seemed elusive back home.

I find the arts sector in the UK far more welcoming, diverse and creative - the exposure to diverse theatre experiences, from Welsh musicals here, to innovative productions over the water in Bristol, has been a refreshing culture shock’.
Joshua MarchantMA Arts Management student

Modules covering all the essential arts management skills

Coming from America I had no idea of the complexities of the Welsh arts sector, and to be completely and totally immersed in it has been a thrill. Modules on finance, management and leadership have been vital in bridging the gap between American and Welsh policies, giving me the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate the industry with confidence.

A pathway of collaboration and opportunities

There are four of us on the Creative Producing pathway, all from different backgrounds within the arts. My fellow students bring different element to our studies: Ben is passionate about giving classical music a modern twist, Georgia is dedicated to uniting the dance community in Wales, and Guinevere is making poetry and dance come together to talk about important things within culture. We were thrown straight into a creative project from day one.

This pathway encourages collaboration and networking, providing opportunities to connect with industry professionals. For the mentorship programme I was paired with Jack Robertson, who works within commercial musical theatre in the West End. I’ve gained valuable insights into the details of the industry and received personalised guidance on my upcoming project.

REPCo: Being both director and producer

REPCo (repertory by entrepreneurial performers company), the College’s unique student enterprise company scheme funded by the Welsh Government, plays a vital role in allocating funds to student initiatives, empowering them to produce and showcase their artistic endeavours.

For my project I produced a staged reading of ‘A Man of No Importance.' Having the opportunity to collaborate with students from various courses on this ensemble production has been a real highlight, enabling me to explore both directing and producing on a larger scale.

‘Bringing our projects to life is very fulfilling, making me more versatile and even more passionate about creative producing, as well as expanding my opportunities.

This ensemble piece, focusing on a community in 1960’s Ireland, has a real sense of collaboration within the community, epitomising what RWCMD stands for.’
Joshua MarchantMA Arts Management Student

Getting immersed in the production process

My current spring work placement as a production assistant at RWCMD has given me firsthand experience of the intricacies of theatrical production. 

Working alongside industry professionals like RWCMD Head of Production Rhian Jones, and Production Manager Bob Holmes on productions such as 'Carrie the Musical' has really helped my organisational skills. From going to production meetings to assisting with rehearsals, I've been fully immersed in the production process, gaining insights into every aspect of bringing a theatrical production to life.

The possibilities feel limitless

The course has a perfect balance that allows time for making connections and conducting research. The focus on community and collaboration from day one creates a supportive environment where projects thrive.

This course has ignited my passion to embrace every opportunity that comes my way.

‘What excites me most is the potential of the future, knowing that the connections and skills I've gained here empower me to pursue any path I want to. Whether it's producing in London or Cardiff, or contributing to institutions that shape the industry, the possibilities feel limitless.‘
Joshua MarchantMA Arts Management Student

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