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Civic Mission: RWCMD working with the community

As part of the College’s Civic Mission engaging with different communities, the Windrush Cymru Elders have been using the Tempo Time Credit scheme to come and enjoy some of our productions. Our Communities Engagement Partner, Guy O’Donnell tells us more about this project:

Civic Mission project - Time Tempo Credits

One of our Civic Mission projects engages with communities who traditionally have had very limited access to experiencing cultural activities. Volunteering through the Tempo Time Credit network exchanges that time for Time Credits to spend on tickets for performances. 

Through this partnership, RWCMD helps communities to experience and engage with cultural activity, while also tackling poverty.

Friends of the College – the Windrush Cymru Elders

The Windrush Cymru Elders come from different areas across South Wales and the group is led by Mrs Roma Taylor and coordinated by Race Council Cymru (RCC). 

They’re a proactive group of over 65 Elders who promote understanding of ethnic minority elders’ concerns and needs while celebrating key milestones and marking the contributions of people of African descent.

Joining Dennis Rollins and the music students on the Dora Stoutzker stage during rehearsals

The group meets weekly, usually in the College, to enjoy each other’s company and take part in creative activities in and around Wales. The College and Race Council Cymru colleagues provide support and meeting facilities for the group who use RWCMD as a community hub.

They work with us on feedback and input to the What’s On performance programme. A range of colleagues and students from College have presented to the group to foster an understanding of the College’s work and develop links with The Windrush Community.

Mutual support and benefit

Public performance is central to student learning, as is understanding a diverse range of audiences and their needs.

I’ve been working with the RCC and the Windrush Cymru Elders to see how we can help each other. They earn two Tempo Time Credits volunteering their time as part of their weekly meetings, supporting their community.

Most of the group have used their credits to see a College performance. As some of the Elders would find the physical cost of tickets a barrier, this collaboration benefits everyone involved.
Guy O'DonnellCommunities Engagement Partner
Design for Performance students showcasing their own designs in the annual Wearable Art show

Using their Time Credits the Windrush Cymru Elders have seen opera, drama and classical music. They’ve also brought their grandchildren to see Wearable Art, the costume showcase created and performed by Design for Performance students. This introduces tomorrow’s talent from a range of communities to the College, and inspires them for future career possibilities in the creative industries.

Making the most of Tempo Time Credits

We’re proud to be part of the Tempo Time Credit network. Members of the network can spend their Time Credits on many of the performances taking place at College.

Karen and Linda used their Time Credits to see a performance by South African musician Abel Selaocoe performing with Sinfonia Cymru during their Hiraeth, Love & Longing tour
‘Since coming to RWCMD we have had the wonderful ability to earn Tempo Time Credits through volunteering our time to support our group, The RCC Windrush Cymru Elders. This has opened up the possibility to use credits as reward payments for different things such as theatre shows or going to leisure centres.

At RWCMD we’ve seen Abel Selaocoe, the jazz cello player twice, last December as part of a quartet and then again as part of an orchestra of violinists & cello players. We thought both performances were astounding and loved every minute.

Being able to attend these performances and be included with Abel’s audience participation was so lovely. We actually felt we were transported to his home country of South Africa! We are looking forward to future performances at RWCMD.’
Karen and LindaWindrush Cymru Elders and Time Tempo Credit members

Working with the Windrush Cymru Elders has meant that RWCMD can engage with members of the public who might not normally be aware of our work. The group has led the way in volunteering projects at the College: we’re piloting a student volunteering scheme as part of the Tempo Time Credit network this term.

The Elders are becoming confident independent bookers through the Tempo system and have booked for a range of RWCMD performances, as well as visits to the gym or sporting events!

Some of the Windrush Elders showing off the College’s Whats On guides

Windrush Cymru – our voices, our stories, our history

Last November RWCMD hosted the ‘Windrush Cymru – our voices, our stories’- history exhibition at the College as part of its tour, which also included the Senedd and National Museum. 

The project and resulting exhibition directly responded to a call from Elders of the Windrush Generation who wanted to ensure that their generation's legacy is captured and retained for posterity. 

It was part of the dream of so many Windrush Cymru Elders such as Mrs Betty Campbell MBE, to share these stories to ensure that ‘our legacies are not forgotten.’

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