Saturday 5 May 2pm

Snowfall and Mountains | Northwest Echoes
ndrew Wallace

A concert featuring a myriad of sound worlds inspired by Canadian landscapes and people. Snowfall and Mountains is an ensemble piece written whilst on an exchange at the Banff Centre in Alberta, and is strongly influenced by the striking scenery there. Northwest Echoes for solo clarinet and tape features recordings of throat-singer Tiffany Ayalik, part of Juno award-winning songwriting duo Quantum Tangle. She is originally from Yellowknife, capital of Northwest Territories in Canada.

Still and Still Moving
Connor Mclean
"When the sky is full of clouds and the ground is wet with rain."

A large ensemble piece based on the transcription of field recordings, Still & Still Moving juxtaposes our relationship to the natural and the man made in two movements. The concert will also include a string quartet in two movements, written for and performed by the Claret quartet.

Venue: Dora Stoutzker Hall

Tickets: £7, £5 concessions