Support and Wellbeing for Study Abroad Students

Support and Wellbeing for Study Abroad Students

We pride ourselves on offering an exceptionally high level of individual attention and support, both academic and pastoral.

Dedicated staff provide support and advice for students with a range of different needs and offer day-to-day practical support from finding suitable accommodation and potential housemates to advice on managing finances.

Our Student Services team co-ordinate a range of specialist services to support the physical, mental, and spiritual health of students at RWCMD. These include support for students with additional learning needs, mental health difficulties, and disabilities, a free confidential counselling service, a sports massage service, and a Healthy Artist scheme that provides access to specialist performance-related health support.


Support for Students With Additional Learning Needs

The College offers confidential and professional advice to support students with health conditions or learning differences including dyslexia, epilepsy, depression, ME, diabetes, and autistic spectrum disorders. We can co-ordinate a range of practical support to ensure that you are able to commence your studies at RWCMD and progress through your programme. The College has in-house mental health mentoring support, in-house study support, and provides free access to a confidential counselling service.


Contact Us

You can contact the Student Services team at or by phone on +44 (0)29 2039 1321.