Finalist Library accounts

If you are graduating this summer, your Library account expires on 31st May 2018 and everything is due back then. Once your account is clear (all items returned and all charges paid), we will extend your expiry date, and you are welcome to borrow up to five items again until the last Monday of term (Monday 2nd July 2018).

All accounts will need to be permanently clear (of items and charges) by the Monday before graduation (Monday 2nd July).

If you have problems or questions please come into the Library or contact us as soon as possible:

Wishing you all the best for your final assessments and deadlines, from everyone in the Library.

Why won’t my item renew?

Anything you borrow will renew itself throughout the year unless:

  • another borrower requests it
  • you have had it out for a year or more
  • it is the end of your course
  • your account is blocked

You can log in to your account to see what is happening, but if you have any concerns or questions – get in touch!

Fines are higher if you prevent someone else from accessing what they need, but we will always try to help. Don’t forget: place a hold request on what you need, or items could be out all year.

Need to return a book when we are closed?

Don’t forget that we provide a book returns bin in the Students’ Union space for staff and students to return items when we are not open. Please return items carefully so that we can keep offering this service!