Library Charter

Library Charter

We aim to provide all RWCMD staff and students with the resources and services you need to support your work and study. This charter sets out what we offer and what we ask from you. Your agreement to abide by the College’s rules and regulations includes the following:


Library space

  • We will provide a welcoming and friendly service and treat you with consideration 1
  • You will behave with consideration towards other Library users and Library staff 2
  • We will keep the Library space clean and tidy so that items can be easily located 3
  • You will only bring lidded drinks into the Library (no food) 4 and leave the space tidy
  • We will advertise any changes to opening times and aim to warn you a few minutes before closing
  • You will note closing times and not leave your possessions unattended 5
  • We will follow up any complaints about noise and try to maintain a quiet environment
  • You will respect the quiet space of the Library and be aware of others trying to study 6


Your account

  • We will not share information about items you have borrowed or charges owed with anyone else 7
  • You will only borrow items on your own account 8
  • We will let you know when items are due for return and provide you with different ways to renew 9
  • You will take responsibility for anything borrowed or signed out, renewing and returning complete items 10
  • We will assist with the lending of orchestral and band parts
  • You will look after any parts signed for in accordance with professional practice 11
  • We will display charges for fines clearly (on our website, in the Hub and in the Library)
  • You will ensure charges are paid 12


Library collection

  • We will repair items as needed and seek to replace those damaged or worn
  • You will treat the collection with care and return items in good condition 13
  • We will develop our collections to support your course needs 14
  • You will let us know if you cannot find what you need
  • We will try to satisfy requests to buy and borrow new items within 28 days 15
  • You will place requests for new material as early as possible 16


Training and support

  • We will provide information and advice about copyright
  • You will observe copyright legislation, as outlined in the CLA Licence displayed by every photocopier
  • We will offer help with research enquiries and questions, in person, by phone and by email 17
  • You will let us know if there is any other research or information skills support you would like
  • We will deliver workshops on our resources and research skills and offer Library tours 18
  • You will let us know any training you would like and when you are struggling with anything
  • We will listen to your feedback and ideas about the Library, taking complaints seriously 19
  • You will let us know if you have any problems, comments or ideas


  1. We are a small team so there may be times when you have to wait at the Issue Desk. We will do our best to help you as soon as possible and appreciate your patience in the event of any delays. You are always welcome to speak to us in the office if you do not want to discuss your account at the Issue Desk.
  2. We ask that you do not use bad language or create noise which disturbs others.
  3. Please let us know if you spot problems. We have regular shifts to tidy up the shelves and a team of student helpers, but things can get disordered at busy times of year.
  4. Food can be messy and noisy, so we ask you not to eat in the Library. Drinks with a lid are fine but let us know if you have a spillage!
  5. The Library cannot take responsibility for items left unattended and you may be taking space needed by others. It is also unfair to staff working during evening and weekends if they have to spend time gathering your belongings and trying to locate you. Please also remember that it is possible for members of the public to enter the building without us noticing and if an item issued to you is lost, you will be charged for a replacement.
  6. We recognise that in such a small space, some noise is inevitable (particularly near the Issue Desk). However, we will try to be considerate of those working and ask you to do the same. Library staff will intervene if they are aware of any disruption. Please let us know if you have any problems, in person, or by emailing
  7. We reserve the right to share details of individuals – who have either not returned items or owe money – with other members of College staff (such as Academic Services and Departmental Heads), as needed to recover the items and/or funds.
  8. If staff or students allow someone else to borrow an item using their account, then they will be liable for any charges accrued. If someone asks you to borrow for them because their own account is blocked, encourage them to get in touch so that we can sort this out.
  9. Library staff are happy to help with renewal queries in person or by phone but individuals are responsible for ensuring their own account is up-to-date. Please see our information about renewals.
  10. Our collection is for all staff and students and the College and we reserve the right to block accounts if you are preventing others from accessing the material they need. If you are concerned that you may have lost something, speak to us as soon as possible so that we can help.
  11. As the borrower will retain responsibility, we recommend that ensembles share the lending of items across the group.
  12. Issue Desk staff will not be able to lend items to staff or students with large charges on their account. If you are having problems or are concerned about charges or items on your account, please let us know so that we can help.
  13. Please do not mark items, or attempt to repair them yourself. If something is damaged through normal wear-and-tear, let us know on return. If items are returned with significant damage (e.g. pen markings or stains) we may have to buy a new copy and charge you for the replacement. Please remove all pencil markings before returning items.
  14. We speak to academic staff and check reading lists. However, please let us know if we do not have the material you need. We are currently developing a Collection Development Policy which will set out what we buy and how we make decisions.
  15. We will generally let you know within a week if we have been able to place your order. Please note that we make decisions about what to buy / borrow based on our existing collection and cost, in conversation with academic staff. Please get in touch if you want to check the progress of your order:
  16. We suggest that you place orders for items at least 28 days before they are needed. This is because of the time needed: to source items and place an order, the supplier to source and post and to catalogue and process on arrival. We can sometimes get items sooner than this but others will take longer. We will let you know if we become aware of problems or delays. If you state a ‘last needed’ date which is closer than we can meet, we will not be able to proceed.
  17. At busy times of the day we have two members of staff working at our Issue Desk. However, you are always welcome to come to our office, 9am-5pm, Monday-Friday. All Library staff will be happy to either help you immediately or pass on your query to the appropriate person (who will respond as soon as possible). Please note that we only have one member of staff working after 5pm and on Saturdays. We can also answer questions via email at or you can call us on 029 2039 1331.
  18. These are usually arranged directly with each department. If you would like additional training, for staff or students, please get in touch and we’ll be happy to arrange this.
  19. Please email us at or contact the Head of Library Services directly in person at with any comments. We aim to acknowledge all feedback within 7 days, though it is likely to take longer to respond fully or take action.