P & M Duo

P & M Duo – Violin & Piano Duo

Coming all the way from the sunny streets of Lisbon, this duo combines the smoothness of violin melodies with the warm embrace of piano harmonies, to offer something brand new for your events.

As performers, the duo can count on a wealth of experience. Pedro Baião has been studying music since the age of 6, completing his undergraduate studies in classical piano performance and now studying for an MA in Jazz Performance at RWCMD, having performed with or to some of the most renowned names of the scene; pianists like Pedro Brumester, Tânia Archot and Mário Laginha.

Malú Garcia, on the other hand, having completed her undergraduate studies last year in classical performance, can already boast performances with orchestras like Atlantic Coast Orchestra and the Portuguese Chamber Orchestra, as well as having worked with violinists such as Felix Andrievsky, Liviu Prunaru and Nuno Soares, to name but a few. Currently, Malú is studying a PgDip in violin performance at RWCMD.

Take a look at their promotional video.