JASPA Brass - Brass Quintet

JASPA Brass is a brass quintet formed at the Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama in 2014 featuring Josh Barber, Angharad Grimwood, Sam Holburt, Amy Harding and Peter Greenwood. They have performed at a number of different events including Cardiff Museum as well as Christmas Carol Services and college events all executing a wide variety of repertoire.

In 2015 they were selected as finalist for the Philip Jones Brass Ensemble Competition, one example of the numerous competitions and events that the quintet take part in. The ensemble have also received regular coaching from tutors such as Chris Mowat, Kevin Price and Nigel Seaman.

JASPA Brass is a versatile and energetic ensemble with a passion for chamber music. Their varied repertoire of classical and contemporary music makes them perfect to suit a variety of different events and occasions.