Departmental Information

The Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama is situated in the heart of Cardiff, close to Cardiff Castle. It is a College of higher education (a stage of learning following secondary education) dedicated to providing degree-level training in music, creative music technology, stage management, drama, theatre design and arts management.

The College is the only conservatoire (a specialist music and/or drama college) in Wales and one of only nine music conservatoires in the United Kingdom.

There are two buildings on the College campus, the Raymond Edwards Building (REB) and the Anthony Hopkins Centre (AHC). Both buildings offer teaching and performance facilities of a high professional standard. In 2011, the REB was significantly enhanced by the addition of the Dora Stoutzker concert hall and the Richard Burton Theatre.

The Junior Conservatoire was established (as Junior Music and Access Studies) in 1996 and now provides courses for over 300 students of all ages. At its centre is the Advanced course which provides advanced training to talented and committed young musicians from Wales and the West of England.

The Junior Conservatoire is one eight in the UK. The others are in London, Manchester, Birmingham and Glasgow. Although activities place a strong emphasis on the development of performance skills, the curriculum includes a full range of supporting classes.

In addition to the Advanced course, the Junior Conservatoire provides two courses for children of primary school age: Mini-Music for 4-8 year olds and Music First for 7-11 year olds. And our Community Programme provides instrument/voice lessons for people of all ages.

Management and Administration

Junior Conservatoire courses are run by the Head, Patricia Keir and an administrative team including Caroline Alford and Bryony Amesbury.

A team of approximately 100 part-time tutors deliver the Junior Conservatoire lessons and classes.

Parents/carers are encouraged to contact the Junior Conservatoire office to discuss any aspect of the day-to-day running of their son/daughter’s activities, preferably by email in the first instance. We can also facilitate communication with any member of the Junior Conservatoire teaching staff.

For Administrative/Financial Matters (029 2039 1365).

Download the full Financial Regulations of the Pre College Department.

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