Fines and Charges

Fines and Charges

Details of charges

Type of fee (all borrowers) Amount
Fine – overdue item requested by another borrower £1 per item per day (maximum £20 per item)

Fine – item overdue for other reasons:

  • you have had it out for a year or more
  • it is the end of your course
  • your account is blocked
20p per item per day (maximum £20 per item)
Lost or damaged item (including parts) £20 or cost of item – whichever is greater
Administrative fee £5 per item damaged / replaced
Interlibrary loan request See further information

The fees above are outlined in more detail below. See our pages about renewing and requesting items for more information about how to do this and blocks caused by charges.


Requested items

Borrowed items will automatically renew throughout the academic year, unless they are requested by another borrower. If an item is not returned after it is requested, fines will be charged at £1 per day (maximum £20 per item). If you are struggling to return an item in time, please make sure that you contact us so that we can try to avoid mounting fines!


Annual returns

If you have an item for one year without any requests, it will stop renewing and you will be sent an email. You will need to bring it back (including all parts), so that we can check that you still have it. You can then renew and borrow again if needed. We will charge 20p per item per day if they are overdue. You should check the due date on any items before leaving Cardiff, as we may not be able to renew them. As ever, let us know if you have concerns! Finalist accounts close on 7 June each year and can only be extended once everything has been cleared.


Lost or damaged items

If items are lost, damaged or defaced, we will charge for the cost of replacement, or a standard fee of £20 (whichever is greater) as well as a £5 administration fee. Library staff will decide whether to replace the item or use the funds for other purchases.

When an item is very overdue, the system will consider it ‘lost’ and an invoice will be issued automatically. Please contact us if you are having problems finding or returning an item. We would always prefer to help rather than see your fines increase or invoices issued unnecessarily!


Interlibrary loans

Please see our pages about what we offer for information about requesting items, including loans from other libraries. If you are looking to borrow an item from us, please see our page about borrowing.


Check if you have fines

Go to the Library Catalogue and click on Sign in. You should then be able to see everything you have on loan and any outstanding fines or fees under My Account. Please see our page about renewals for a step-by-step guide to accessing your library account.


Paying charges

You can pay by cash or cheque in the Library. If you need to pay by card, please visit us or call and we may be able to put you through to our Finance Team (if they are available). We can also supply details for paying by online bank transfer. If you do pay in this way, it is important that you let us know so that we can update your account.