A Richard Burton Company production.


The Story:

Hench is 16, Bobbie is 13. They live alone in West London with their dog Taliban; playing PlayStation, streaming porn, watching the world go by. Sometimes their mum Maggie visits, usually with empty pockets and empty promises. Then Jennifer, a practical, animal-loving Welsh girl knocks on the door and their lives change forever. 

YEN explores a childhood lived without boundaries and the consequences of being forced to grow up on your own. 


Watch the online premiere of YEN on 4 March at 7.30pm.

This performance can only be viewed on one device per ticket. Please ensure you have a stable WiFi connection to watch this performance.

Warning: This production contains references to homophobia, misogyny and war and contains strong language and adult scenes that could upset or offend. This production also contains partial nudity. 

This production was made observing Covid-19 restrictions for the safety of all cast and crew. For any queries regarding guidelines and precautions observed, please contact  

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