The Threepenny Opera



The Story:

In a society of greed, selfishness and corruption, Macheath’s power grows. After marrying Polly Peachum, the daughter of an underhand businessman, tensions rocket. Threatened by their union and consumed by rage, Mr Peachum vows to have Macheath arrested and hanged. But with deception all around, even infiltrating the law, can honesty ever prevail?  

With lyrics by Bertolt Brecht and a 1920s jazz-inspired score by Kurt Weil, this humorous ‘play with music’, adapted by RWCMD Fellow, Simon Stephens, is a thrillingly modern take on the classic. 


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A Play With Music Based On John Gay’s The Beggar’s Opera 

By Bertolt Brecht & Kurt Weill 

English adaption by Simon Stephens 

More info:

This is an online production and is available to watch online between 15 - 28 July. This performance can only be viewed on one device per ticket.

Contains strong language and adult scenes that could upset or offend.

This production was made observing Covid-19 restrictions for the safety of all cast and crew. For any queries regarding guidelines and precautions observed, please contact 

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