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Richard Burton Company

Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare

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“The evil that men do lives after them;”

Shakespeare’s drama about the meteoric rise to power and subsequent assassination of the iconic Roman dictator, Julius Caesar, asks us to consider patriotism versus personal ambition. Will Caesar get your vote? Not if Brutus has anything to do with it.

by William Shakespeare
Jonathan Munby
Alice White
voice director
Struan Leslie
movement director
Kevin McCurd
y fight director
Lindsey Jones

Ruby Aston
set designer
Ysabelle Clason-Morgan
costume designer
Hoi Ching Tom
lighting designer
Aneurin Whelan
video designer
James Tomlinson
sound designer

Archie Christoph-Allen

Joe Flynn

Jake Gildred

Josh Gordon

Alyson Handley

Rosalyn Jackson

Nathan Kirby

Cassius Konneh

James Mace (Wilson)

Molly Marr-Johnson

Aoise Meaney

Chris Odulele

Frederick Pearce

Hannah Saxby

Saskia West

Kate Wilson

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