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International Women's Day: Forgotten Voices

International Women's Day: Forgotten Voices

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To celebrate International Women’s Day, RWCMD have partnered with SWAP’ra (Supporting Women and Parents in Opera) to present the opening concert of Forgotten Voices - an online festival to showcase female composers. 

Live streamed from the Dora Stoutzker Hall, the students of RWCMD will perform music by composers whose work is rarely performed or recorded. Together with the pianist, Nicola Rose, eight singers will present music by Welsh composers, Morfydd Owen, Grace Williams and Elaine Hugh-Jones, as well as the Scottish composer, Claire Liddell.


Morfydd Owen April and Sunshine Town 
Elaine Hugh-Jones Fear no more the heat of the sun
Grace Williams Slow, slow, fresh fount 
Elaine Hugh-Jones Music
Grace Williams Fear no more the heat o' the sun 
Morfydd Owen Gweddi Y Pechadur 
Elaine Hugh-Jones The Trumpet  
Elaine Hugh-Jones Two Night Songs  
Morfydd Owen
To Violets and God made a lovely garden from Flower Songs 
Elaine Hugh-Jones To Julia and The Children 
Claire Lidell Fisherman's Bride and Roads from Five Orkney Scenes

To find out more about the Forgotten Voices festival, visit:


Click here to download the programme for this performance.

Click here to see the graphics which illustrate the underrepresentation of women in various industries.