The Imposter



The Imposter is a brand-new miniature opera which was originally created to be performed during the College's Atmospheres festival back in May. It was just getting to the final stages of writing when lockdown hit. However, the team decided to continue working on the opera. Composers Natalie Roe and Ella Penn finished the music and recorded it remotely for a radio broadcast for the Atmospheres alternative online festival. Following this, director Madeleine Brooks and designer Ruby Brown continued working to create a film with animation.

The opera is a duet between a student and himself, or rather his Imposter Syndrome. Originally intended for two singers, creating it as a recording and film meant it could be truer to the idea and have singer Simon Pratt record both parts and play across himself.

The finished product may be far from what the team had originally imagined the product would be, but they are extremely proud of what they managed to create. They hope you enjoy it!

Composers: Natalie Roe, Ella Penn
Libretto and Direction: Madeleine Brooks
Animation: Ruby Brown
Baritone A: Simon Pratt
Baritone B: Simon Pratt
Piano: Asjia Suljic
Oboe: Ella Pearson
Clarinet: Meg Davies



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