The Story

Life is a lottery, but one thing is certain. Death comes to us all. And when death approaches, can we account for our actions? This terrifyingly funny show is a modern twist on a fifteenth-century morality play and takes Everybody on a journey to find salvation.    

With 120 different casting possibilities, this experimental piece of theatre is also a lottery. Our actors find out which part they will play at the beginning of the show! 

By:  Branden Jacobs-Jenkins 

Director:  Phillip Breen 

Composer: Ella Roberts

Download the programme for this production for free here.


More info

This is an online production only. This performance can only be viewed on one device per ticket.

Contains strong language, partial nudity and adult scenes that could upset or offend.

This production was made observing Covid-19 restrictions for the safety of all cast and crew. For any queries regarding guidelines and precautions observed, please contact info@rwcmd.ac.uk.