Coombia & Bad Costumes



Premiering on Saturday 8 May

Composer: Florencia Alen



A stage. A robotic hoover. A group of musicians. Coombia is ever-changing. It can never be heard the same way twice.  

Based upon luck, improvisation, chance and electronics, Florencia Alen’s Coombia is an unpredictable and unique piece that explores the directions music can take when we let AI decide! Featuring Siobhan Waters, Ryan Thrupp, Gareth Thomas, Olivia Madaffari, Luke Bartlett and Thomas Harvey.


Bad Costumes

Bad Costumes by Florencia Alen is a thought-provoking, audio-visual composition where sound meets social conventions. It combines a collection of historical and present footage to reveal the enforcement of gender roles and how this impacts the lives of women across the world today. 


This production contains references of an adult nature.