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NEW '23: (un) Packing

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NEW '23: (un) Packing

- Performance times: 09:00 pm 04:00 pm
Drama Richard Burton Company NEW '23

“Phone. Bags. Keys. Van."

Not so white van man, Tony, is 22 years old, has never been in a relationship, lives with his nan and is stuck outside Orpington Oxfam. Again.

With no one to talk to and a bit of time to kill, Tony is left questioning his workplace, identity and when the hell Judith will turn up.

In a warm-hearted piece of storytelling, this one man show gives you a snapshot of the working-class experience through a mixed-race lens and leaves you wondering what it means to be British.

By Liam Prince-Donnelly


Please note, some Richard Burton Company performances may contain strobe or haze effects.

This show contains adult themes.

See here for full content advice.