NEW '23: In The Forest of Starlight and Shrapnel

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NEW '23: In The Forest of Starlight and Shrapnel

- Performance times: 02:15 pm 07:15 pm
Drama Richard Burton Company NEW '23

Eli was in the bloodiest battle of the war. His body - like so many others - was left where it fell. Now the war is over and Shona, his wife, wants to give Eli a decent burial. But the battle was two years ago. And the old battleground is vast. To find Eli would take a very special skill. Perhaps...the supernatural.

Intimate yet expansive, fierce yet tender, Philip Ridley's new play weaves a startling and, at times, darkly comic tapestry of stories, exploring what happens when the suffering of war becomes the strangeness of peace.

By Philip Ridley

Director Wiebke Green


Please note, some Richard Burton Company performances may contain strobe or haze effects.

This show contains adult themes.

See here for full content advice.