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Manchester Collective: Alice Zawadzki's Bag of Bones

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Manchester Collective: Alice Zawadzki's Bag of Bones

07:30 pm

Take a pinch of a romantic song cycle, stir in some studio theatre and a touch of jazz, then filter the whole thing through a hessian sack of deep, dark Central European folklore… and you might be somewhere in the region of ‘Bag of Bones’, Alice Zawadzki’s bewitching new project for Manchester Collective.

Zawadzki has created a deeply personal piece of music theatre that grapples with the cultural history and inherited stories that run back through her life to her Polish roots.

The ink is not yet dry on this one. This is new music at its most thrilling, dangerous and cathartic.

Alice Zawadzki’s new work is supported by PRS Foundation’s The Open Fund for Organisations

Alice Zawadzki Voice

Rakhi Singh Music Director

Charles Kieny Accordion

Fred Thomas Keyboard

Manchester Collective String quartet


Alice Zawadzki Bag of Bones (World Premiere)

Additional music by Cassandra Miller, Ravel and more