The 39 Steps

- Performance times: 07:15 pm 02:30 pm
Drama Richard Burton Company

Britain on the brink of war! Foreign agents on our shores! Can Richard Hannay, innocent man on the run, evade the police and save the country from a ring of murderous spies?

Four plucky young actors take on 130 roles to bring Alfred Hitchcock’s epic cinematic masterpiece to the stage. From the people who brought you Psycho on Ice, the site specific VertiGo Over There and the hit rap sensation Dial Eminem for Murder comes The 39 Steps. Expect carnage, calamity and non-stop comedic chaos.

4 Actors, 130 Characters, 39 Steps, you do the maths!!

This production was kindly sponsored by North by North Vests (“We’ll keep your pointers in the right direction”)


WARNING: Some Scottish accents were harmed during the making of this show.

By Patrick Barlow

Director Martin Hutson



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