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The Fairly Relentless Fitkins

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The Fairly Relentless Fitkins

07:30 pm

Four terrific pianists – one scintillating vision. Composer and pianist Graham Fitkin is one of the most energising forces in 21st century British music. Now he joins forces with three equally brilliant friends to perform not just his own vibrant music, but a whole gallery of contemporary classics – from Anna Meredith to Steve Reich – to inspire, astonish and delight. Three’s company: four’s unmissable. 


Graham Fitkin, Ruth Wall, Clare Hammond, Kathryn Stott


Graham Fitkin Sciosophy

Morton Feldman Two Pianos

George Walker Variations for Piano

Unsuk Chin Etudes 4, 6, 5

Steve Reich Clapping Music

Graham Fitkin Totti

John Adams China Gates

Anna Meredith Camberwell Green

Graham Fitkin I Swear, I Swear, I Swear

Graham Fitkin Flak

Graham Fitkin Bla Bla Bla (World Premiere)