Colin Currie and Royal Welsh College Percussionists

04:00 pm |

When Varèse’s percussion masterpiece Ionisation was first played, one critic said it felt like “a sock in the jaw”. Today there’s no limit to what percussionists can do together: especially when led by Colin Currie, the man they call the “world’s most daring percussionist”. Feel the energy as he teams up with a group of RWCMD students in three of Steve Reich’s vibrant modern classics. 

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  • Programme

    Varèse: Ionisation

    Bryce Dessner: Tromp Miniature

    Stockhausen: Vibra-Elufa

    Rolf Wallin: Realismos Magicos

    Steve Reich: Music for Pieces of Wood

    Steve Reich: Nagoya Marimbas

    Steve Reich: Drumming Part 1