Russia 17


Russia’17 is an unprecedented, multi-artform collaboration between the great cultural
institutions of Wales to mark the centenary of the Russian Revolutions with events, exhibitions and performances throughout 2017. The Royal Welsh College has worked alongside partners from the worlds of music, dance, theatre, opera, visual art, history, photography and film to take Welsh audiences on a yearlong cultural odyssey.

Looking back over a century of political transition and artistic breakthroughs, the season will enable audiences to immerse themselves in the great riches of Russian culture and new works inspired by the revolutionary period. The political events of 1917 had a long lasting and profound impact on culture and challenged perceptions of what art is. Russia’17 will also uncover the largely untold story of the revolutions’ impact on South Wales and frame the story of the Welsh radicals who forged links with the emerging Soviet Union and its leader, Lenin.

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