Shot (n, v, adj)
An opportunity. An attempt. A photo. A recording.
A short strong drink, commonly of spirit.
A hypodermic injection of vaccine or narcotic.
A pointed or critical remark.
The firing or aiming of a weapon or projectile.
Worn out, ruined.

30 minutes can mean many things.
5 pieces over 2 nights.
Our freshest acting talent in their own words.

Tuesday 25 July                                                          
6.45pm  X-Code  India Chappell-Wanebo
7.45pm  Sides  Sophie Pond
8.45pm  Things I Should Have Said  Bethan Rose Young
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Wednesday 26 July                                                            

6.45pm  Freedom  Francis Mezza
7.45pm  Strings  Richard Henderson & Rebecca Harrod
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Richard Burton Theatre

Tickets: £8, £6 concessions (One ticket for three shows in an evening)